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Fluid Technology

Real Natural Gas Density and Enthalpy

Natural gas has become so expensive, that the difference between calculating gas properties as ideal gas vs real gas should not be neglected. See the example calculation.

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Drum Level - Tank Volume Calculation

Horizontal cylinder with ellipsoidal ends. How to calculate the volume from level measurement.

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Basic Tutorial - Helmholtz Energy

The Helmholtz free energy is a thermodynamic potential that measures the »useful« work obtainable from a closed thermodynamic system at a constant temperature and volume.

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Basic Tutorial - Flow Calculation

When installation requirements and flow conditions from ISO 5167 are met, standardized flow devices can provide flow rate results with good accuracy.

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Compressor Surge Line

Analysis and evaluation of various multi-stage axial compressor surge limit criteria.

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Net Technology

Airalo eSIM for Travel

A solution for mobile data while traveling

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Dropdown Menue

A simple and small pure CSS approach for use of dropdown menues

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