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Airalo eSIM

Airalo is an eSIM store that offers local, regional and global digital SIM cards (eSIM) at quite competitive prices.

3 USD voucher Code - airmoney

If you are new to the store you can benefit from a referral program and get a 3 USD discount on your first eSIM purchase. Use ref.airalo.com/nyRK for registration, or manually apply the referral code AXEL3616 at checkout. The referrer will earn the same 3 USD as so called airmoney credit for further eSIM purchases at the store.

eSIM database

Check esimdb.com for a broad overview of prepaid eSIM plans for your travel destination.

Mobile phones without eSIM support

There are solutions available to add eSIM support for any mobile phone. These are special chips in SIM card format, and they can turn your current device into an eSIM compatible device.


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